Researchers Suggest Stepwise Approach for Managing Childhood Headache – Managed Markets Network

A recent literature review suggests a new clinical pathway for children presenting with headache in the emergency department.  Headache represents a leading cause for pediatric visits to the emergency department (ED). A recent literature review suggests a new clinical pathway for pediatric patients with headache in an emergency setting, which involves a stepwise approach to… Read More »

Interaction between antiretroviral boosters and corticosteroids can lead to development of Cushing’s syndrome

An interaction between antiretroviral boosting agents and corticosteroids can lead to Cushing’s syndrome, according to French research published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. Almost all the cases of Cushing’s syndrome identified among people with HIV were due to drug interactions between the boosting agents ritonavir or cobicistat and a corticosteroid. Moreover, the interaction was… Read More »

Wishing the World Could Be More Soft

Nine years ago, shortly before my 34th birthday and during an early cold snap in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, my husband and I bought two cemetery plots. Only one was for us (to share). We had gone there to purchase another and added ours only because the cemetery was having a sale:… Read More »