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Best Vegan Curry Recipes: 15 Healthy Vegan Curries That Won’t Disappoint

by Kate Harveston Vegetarian and vegan eating has become all the rage for many reasons. Eating less meat protects the planet’s resources and decreases animal suffering while improving overall physical health. Scores of people search the web daily for vegetable-based dishes that provide adequate protein and nutrition. Curries usually fit the bill, but some recipes… Read More »

5 Best Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you have short hair, you’ve probably felt like you can’t play in the braid pool like your longer-haired friends—which, BTW, is 100 percent incorrect. There’s really no need to feel limited in the style department, since there are tons of gorgeous options for every length and texture. If you’ve unsuccessfully tried braiding in the… Read More »