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FiercePharmaAsia—Big Pharma’s China growth; Pfizer’s new Upjohn HQ; Hansoh’s $1B Hong Kong IPO

As the Chinese government pilots a bulk procurement program for generic drugs, Big Pharma’s older medicines are under increasing pricing pressure. Pfizer is planning a push into China’s rural areas in response to the headwinds, and it has moved the headquarters of its Upjohn established medicines business to Shanghai. China’s Hansoh Pharma plans to raise $… Read More »

Relationship between IGF-1 and Growth Hormone

There exists a unique relationship between IGF-1 and growth hormone with both a stimulatory and mediating effect. The growth hormone/IGF-1 axis involves the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and liver. Insulin growth factor 1 is a primary mediator of many GH functions. Take, for example, cell regeneration, a crucial job of the growth hormone feedback loop. IGF-1… Read More »