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Memes: More Than Just Funny Images

Before the age of the Internet, Richard Dawkins described a meme as an idea that easily spread across cultures. That can definitely apply to Internet memes, but Internet memes have evolved when it comes to definition. Memes can be inside jokes, relatable text on images, jokes, funny images, and political propaganda. You may look for… Read More »

World Chocolate Day 2019 Special: 6 Common Myths About Chocolates Busted That Will Make You Want to Eat More of These Cocoa Treats

Chocolates (Photo Credits: Pexels) It is a time to gorge on chocolates, as it is World Chocolate Day on July 7. But well, do we really need any reasons to eat chocolates? There would be very few people who would say no to chocolate, because how can you? Right from children to elders, everyone loves… Read More »