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Doctors more likely to recommend antihistamines rather than cough and cold medicine for kids – Science Daily

For respiratory infections in children under 12, physicians are increasingly more likely to recommend antihistamines and less likely to recommend cough and cold medicines, a Rutgers study found. Antihistamines are widely used over-the-counter to treat various allergic conditions. However, these medicines have little known benefit for children with colds, and some older antihistamines cause sedation… Read More »

What lies beneath: more germs found on computer keyboards than toilet seats

You don’t need to go overboard, but you do need to be careful of certain areas in the house, like where you prepare you food, always wash your hands first ‘There is no definitive scientific evidence to prove that dirt increases the body’s immune system’ Professor Martin Cormican, National Clinical Lead for Antimicrobial Resistance and… Read More »

Memes: More Than Just Funny Images

Before the age of the Internet, Richard Dawkins described a meme as an idea that easily spread across cultures. That can definitely apply to Internet memes, but Internet memes have evolved when it comes to definition. Memes can be inside jokes, relatable text on images, jokes, funny images, and political propaganda. You may look for… Read More »