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Apple Watch Series 5 Unveiled Today

While we’ve all been waiting on hand and foot for the new iPhone 11 to come out, we got more than expected out of today’s Apple event including Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, the newest iPad, and our favorite the Apple Watch Series 5. Apple’s newest watch gives you more bang for your buck, is more… Read More »

Philips V60 Plus Non-Invasive Ventilator with High Flow Therapy Unveiled

November 26th, 2018 Editors Anesthesiology, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Medicine Philips has unveiled and received European CE Mark approval for a new non-invasive ventilator, the V60 Plus, that features high flow therapy. Typically high flow therapy is not available in a non-invasive ventilator, requiring frequent switching in the ICU, slowing delivery of therapy, causing hardship… Read More »